We are an authority providing social and special care services for the Social and Special Care of the Age. We offer and develop community’s blurry servants for adults with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities who do not require supervision and care. We also point to other social welfare teenagers with special needs and toes of their families to cope with the usual environment.

Tougiliisu, a supportive concept of sophisticated seducies with special needs, was created in December 15, 2000. The organization of organizations dates back to 1998, when the Support Union of people with Estonian intellectual disabilities is the Ausus Aus of various projects to provide services to people with spiritual news. The city of Tallna began to support a high daycare teenager for children with severe and profound intellectual disabilities. People with adult intellectual disabilities began to go to Tallna’s hometown house, on the basis of a preliminary volunteering basis. There were many developments and changes in the social welfare, and the new scores of the country began to be developed to people with special needs.

Due to the fact that a person with intellectual disabilities was no longer sent to adulthood from a depot home to a nursing home, the first group of social houses on Pihlaka Street, where he settled in six, emerged.

In 2002, a new Social Welfare Act was passed, during which the state coves 9 different special care for people with mental disorder. Starting from Aistla 2002, EIT Tupiliisu has referred to the special care of the community of the community to the mentally disabled inemas.

We have a long -term and extreme experience in the provision and development of special care of special care and soss.

We work with good preparations – operators, social servants and other professionals.

Our team is doing constant work with self-events. Self -representatives with intellectual disabilities who represent their own rights and desires.

Our target group:

Our target group is people with difficult and moderate intellectual disabilities who want to live an independent life in the ordinary. The special care provided by our pool does not include Holduus and follow -up.

Our purpose:

In intellectual disabilities to the toe of the human life or to the toe. We work together with the client and his Libra, providing right -hand support from individual needs to support a person’s life qualifiers and help the findings of the findings of the findings with intellectual disabilities.

In addition to the provision of special care of Teenasts, we are engaged in advising and training professionals in the field, and helping in society to scream and mourn with intellectual disabilities.


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